Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boundary Bay "Cabin Fever Winter Ale"

4 out of 5

Boundary Bay is located in Bellingham, WA. It is an incredible Brew Pub with several outstanding beers and awesome food to boot(try the mac n cheese or the tarragon chicken with orange cream sauce). My wife got me a T-shirt and a 22oz of Cabin Fever for X-mas. Cabin fever is like an Imperial Scotch Ale/Winter Ale. It has a strong malt and peat taste with a note of Cascade dry-hop. Alcohol level is around 7.2%. This beer tastes great out the gate, but if you drink the 22 alone, the peat flavor may wear on you a bit. For me, that is always an issue with any scotch type ale. I usually max out with a 12oz bottle. But hey, I recommend picking up this fine NW Winter Warmer and enjoy. Its complex with notes of toffee, caramel and NW hops; Mount Hood, Warrior and Crystal. I found the Mt Hood alot in NW Winter Beers and Stouts. I love you Boundary Bay!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pelican Pub & Brewery "India Pelican Ale"

4 out of 5

On our last trip to the Oregon coast we drove down to this brewery in Pacific City. The brewpub, Pelican Pub & Brewery is located on the beach and has a great view. I sat on the sand with a pint while my pups played. Great place. Highly recommended. This IPA has a crisp grapefruit/citrus aroma courtesy of Cascade Hops. Bitterness is a strong 85 IBU made possible by Magnum and Centennial hops. I may be a hop wimp, but this is my limit for hop bitterness in a everyday brew. Malt hints are faint which is fine for an IPA of this stature. Now that I have procured the taste, its time for a frozen pizza to satisfy my appetite and a watching of Brewmasters on Discover. Cheers!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Three Sheets Rover Irish Red Ale

5 out of 5 Hops!

This is another fine homebrew from my buddy Luke. This being a homebrew, it is a unique experience for every beer made. Sorry, not commercially available.....yet. This creation is a dark, hoppy red with a strong hop character and carbonation. Traditionally, most reds tend to be on the lighter, amber side. I love this bold in your face black beauty. It has a chocolate and coffee taste to me at the front and finishes dry with a moderate hop bitterness that works for me. Being a hop fiend, I appreciate a unique take on styles. Not sure what the ABV is but at half a glass so far I am warm and happy. Cheers brothers!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Redhook Late Harvest Autumn Ale

4 out of 5 Hops

Redhook is a local Seattle icon in Beer History. What began in Ballard in 1982 has continued to be a staple brewery. Redhook ESB is a definite grocery store "go-to" beer in my book. This is a moderately hopped ale at 32 IBU, great dark amber color, and a nose of malt and subtle Chinook hops. This is brew is made with 4 different grains and 3 hops: Willamette, Saaz, and Chinook. At 5.9%, its a decent ABV beer to toss a few back while tossing the football or raking the fall leaves. The aftertaste is clean and not oily or thick in the mouth. Great beer in Autumn to get ready for hopped up stronger Winter Ales. Cheers!