Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pelican Pub & Brewery "India Pelican Ale"

4 out of 5

On our last trip to the Oregon coast we drove down to this brewery in Pacific City. The brewpub, Pelican Pub & Brewery is located on the beach and has a great view. I sat on the sand with a pint while my pups played. Great place. Highly recommended. This IPA has a crisp grapefruit/citrus aroma courtesy of Cascade Hops. Bitterness is a strong 85 IBU made possible by Magnum and Centennial hops. I may be a hop wimp, but this is my limit for hop bitterness in a everyday brew. Malt hints are faint which is fine for an IPA of this stature. Now that I have procured the taste, its time for a frozen pizza to satisfy my appetite and a watching of Brewmasters on Discover. Cheers!

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