Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hales Ales Two Fisted "O'brien Harvest Ale" and "Mongoose IPA"

4 Hops out of 5 Each

Hales Ales is an established and respected Brewery located in Fremont near Seattle. I have not had any complaints about their long list of offerings. This Harvest Ale is no exception. Available from Sep to Nov. ABV is 6%. First time I have had the pleasure. The aroma is very slight; toffee and hint of hops? The color is rich and red/amber. The flavor is a hop punch right away. I cant find the hop listing yet or the IBU, but I would guess its around 70. The flavor finish is hoppy and slightly oily with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Wish I had bought more of this one in November.

Next up is Mongoose IPA. This has been a standard Hales Brew for some time. This IPA is dry hopped, which is what I do to all the beers I brew. The aroma is a fine citrus/piney smell. The flavor is malt with a balanced hop finish. Not a hop bomb IPA; this is an extremely daily drinker IPA. ABV is in the 6% range which is also appealing. I appreciate the English mentality of moderate alcohol so I can drink more than one and not fall down. This beer has moderate aftertaste of hop oils courtesy of Amarillo, Centennial and Nugget Hops. IBU appears to be in the 60 range. Earlier this week I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mike Hale at Costco. He was promoting their Irish Style Nut Brown Ale. They even had the double decker bus parked out front. BTW the Brown ale is available until Mar.

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