Monday, January 10, 2011

Widmer Brothers "Brrr" Winter Ales

4 out of 5 Hops

Brrr is another fine addition to NW Winter Beers this season from Widmer Brothers in Oregon. This a malty strong ale with unique hops and a slightly sweet tasting warmer. Aroma is caramel and pine with a hint of citrus. At first taste, this beer seemed very malty and sweet. After a few sips I began to taste the hops more. Widmer lists "Alchemy" hops as the bittering hop. Upon investigation, this is a proprietary blend of hops including Warrior and Millenium. This blend gives this beer a great independent and complex hop profile. Thumbs up for the Alchemy. The finish is slightly dry, with a clean, pleasant aftertaste. Alcohol level is enjoyable at 7.2%. Opinions run the gamut for classifying this beer as an American IPA, or Winter, or a version of a Red, but I say shuck the categories and pick this beer up ASAP for a holiday party in your mouth. Great job Kurt and Rob!

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