Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bridgeport Brewing "Cafe Negro" Coffee Infused Porter

4 out of 5 Hops

Coffee and Beer?? Wtf, you say? No surprise for me. This is the Northwest and you cannot keep me far from good coffee and I daresay great beer. It's natural around here to combine these beverages. It's like a fleece pullover and cargo shorts all year round; it works for us. Will the Coffee Porter work for you?? If you like Porters and Stout(Porters), then I think you will enjoy. This concoction is courtesy of Bridgeport Brewing in Portland, OR...Oregons' oldest craft brewery they say. They produce many outstanding beers; I just had a pint of their IPA while out last week. Anyhow, the aroma in the glass is a subtle rhapsody of chocolate, coffee, roasted barley, and a hint of flowery hops...Mt Hood, maybe? The first taste rocked my taste buds with roasted coffee and barley. My mind adjusted on the second taste I was really happy with the flavor. To me, dark beers are very manly and this one is a sipper to be appreciated by those who like darkness and balanced bitterness. The aftertaste is dry with a slight coating of the mouth; not complaining mind you. Alcohol level is at 5.5% and the IBUs are at 30. Keep in mind that number may only account for the Hop bitterness units and not include flavors from the roasted barley and coffee added during the conditioning phase of this dark beauty. I like this beer, which may not be surprising...and I suggest enjoying this on a rainy day, snowy day, or anyday for that matter.

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