Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fuller's London Pride English Bitter

4 Hops out of 5

Don't let the word Bitter fool you. It's a term for British light ales; not the old "bitter beer face" guy from Keystone. Bitters come in 3 varietys: Ordinary, Special, and Extra Special (ESB). Generally, the amount of increment alcohol level in each of these. This is my first taste of Fullers Bitter, but I have had the ESB before. The aroma has a bread and citrus quality. Taste has touch of fruity tartness and malt. Aftertaste is clean and delightfully bitter in the mouth. This is a great session beer at 4.7% ABV; meaning you can drink several in one "session". I think the Brits have the right idea when it comes to full flavor and low alcohol content. I get overwhelmed by the Hopbomb, high alcohol Pales and IPA's from here in the states. Two pints of those and I am done..lightweight. This beer has a great citrus hop taste and bittering level. The hops are unique to me and I have not knowingly enjoyed them before: Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties. These you can deduce are very "English" hops. My wife enjoyed this one as well, ladies. So I lift my Imperial Pint towards the Union Jack and say "God save the" I love this beer. Stay tuned for a "Tale of Two ESBs" where I compare Fullers ESB and Redhook ESB (a great goto beer thats readily available). Cheers, mates!

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